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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Japandroids

John N sends a package of Japandroids, whose latest album blew me away the other day.....couple of EP's,
"Celebration Rock" (this was submitted last week by Kurious Kev, but this version is stacked with seven bonus tracks), and "Post-Nothing" (great title)......

The two EPs are packaged on a single disc entitled "No Singles"'s comprised of the EP's "Lullabye Death Jams" and "All Lies", both from 2007-08....carpet bombed it and sounds like a great collection. "Post-Nothing" come from 2009 and sounds just as good, and I already explained about "Celebration Rock", and can't wait to hear the bonus material.

John N hits a longball with this one......I said before the new Japandroids was my fave alabum of the year thus far, and the rest of this material puts flesh on the bones. Good band, lots of good music here. Thanks a lot to the always hard-working John N, as well as Kurious Kev who answered the bell the other day when I asked for Japandroids in the first place.....TEAM GBFAL fucking rules, once again!

NO SINGLES-Side 1 LULLABYE DEATH JAMS EP- 01 Darkness on the Edge of Gastown/02 No Allegiance to the Queen/03 Sexual Aerosol/04 Lovers/Strangers/05 Lucifer's Symphony-Side 2 ALL LIES EP-06 Couture Suicide/07 Avant Sleepwalk/08 Coma Complacency/09 To Hell With Good Intentions/10 Press Corps (Also includes 18-page booklet)

POST NOTHING-01 The Boys are Leaving Town/02 Young Hearts Spark Fire/03 Wet Hair/04 Rockers East Vancouver/05 Hearts Sweats/06 Crazy Forever/07 Sovereignty/08 I Quit Girls

CELEBRATION ROCK (EXTENDED VERSION)-01 The Nights of Wine and Roses/02 Fire's
Highway/03 Evil's Sway/04 For the Love of Ivy/05 Adrenaline Nightshift/06 Younger Us/07 The House That Heaven Built/08 Continuous Thunder/09 Heavenward Grand Prix (7" A-Side)/10 Art Czars (7" A-Side)/11 Sex and Dying in High Society (B-Side)/12 Shame (B side/13 Racer X (B-side)/14 Jack the Ripper (B Side)/15 Younger Us (7" A-side version)

This is a hip/hot band right now........just saying, their new issue was posted a while back without incident, but if I were truly interested I might act quickly, just in case........thanks to John N again for a simply tremendous submission!


  1. no singles



  2. my copy is only missing bonus track #15 Younger Us - I didn't even know I had missed that track on/from my cd so I'll download John N's version just to add it in.

    Thanks John N & thanks to Maestro Big Scott