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Friday, February 24, 2017

More Classic Jesus and Mary Chain

Inline image 1Sure I've posted these before, and of course Jon S had that incredible J&MC mega-post a while back, but so what? This is the fuckin' CHAIN........ Fabio submits three of their classics, "Psychocandy", "Darkland", and "Automatic"......all tremendous in their own way ("Psychocandy" imo is something of an era-defining album, and almost indescribeably influential) the way, Fabio, the J&MC album with Hope Sandoval is (I think this is what you mean) "Stoned and Dethroned", Hope sings on the single "Sometimes/Always" this the album you mean? Let me know if it is and I'll put it up for ya!





  1. Yes Stoned and dethroned! Different but good not listening in years... TIA if you can help

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