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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Kills Black Sessions 2003/2005

Posted the Kills Complete B Sides a week or so ago, KIND OF surprised by the lack of enthusiasm for
it......just me, I LOVED The Kills, their icy-cold alterna-rock was one of the highlights of music in the 00's.......anyway, lets try again, we have a pari oaf albums here, "The Black Sessions" both from 2003 and 2005.......listen to these, they are great, as are/were the Kills......many of their greatest tunes are here, "Kissy Kissy", "Fuck the People" and more........gotta LOVE The Kills, at least I do, so let's give them the love they deserve!

Both recorded live in Paris, this was one of the best bands of its era.....hey I Just now discovered Mastoadon, more or less, so give the Kills a shot if you are a those male/female duos were the name of the game then (White Stripes, Ravaeonettes, The Kills, Mommy and Daddy, Mazzy Star, The Firey Furnaces,  and plenty more, this was the sound/style of an era and hardly anyone noticed)

Good records here my good people!


1No Wow
2Black Rooster
3Cat Claw
4Dead Road Seven
5Hate The Way You Love
6Hate The Way You Love Part 2
7The Good Ones
8Kissy Kissy
9Fried My Little Brain
10Your Love Is A Deserter
11Passion Is Acurate
12Rodeo Town
13Drop Out Boogie

2Pull A.U.
3Cat Claw
4Fuck The People
5Monkey 23
6Kissy Kissy
8Fried My Little Brain
9Black Rooster
10Drop Out Boogie


  1. 2003


  2. Dude,
    I can't believe you have the Black Paris performances!!! Just made my day. I fucking am in love with The Kills - they got their own energy. Jamie and Alison generate this electric super spur on a boot. I had the greatest luck when I scored passes to see their 15th Anniversary show at Electric Lady Studios. I don't believe I've come down from that experience. It is one year since you posted this so belated thank you for the music. Just hope my anti virus program let's me download the zip file! Be seeing you! Lisa

  3. The download was expired and I got all kinds of warnings so.....