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Monday, February 27, 2017


From 2010 we have some fab bluesy-stoner rock from Kingsnake, released on their own label......I do NOT know, but was this it for them? seems a shame if so, this is a hard rocking solid album, enjoy it quite a bit, good bluesy shouting, wha wah guitar solo all over the yard  reminds me slightly of Dixie Witch......what do ya want? it's a fine album.....betcha Fabio likes it!

BOOK OF PROMISES-01 Madame Greed/02 Feel Like Dying/03 The Great Complainer/04 Book of Promise/05 Light Bender/06 Dying Working Man/07 Jokers and Jestsers/08 Tip Toe With the Devil

A forgotten and buried stoner gem that fans of the genre WILL want to seek out, I really like this one, have since I first heard it....anyone know if the band survived after this one? love to hear more material if we could.


  1. Downloading ... preparing my rockboxed xduuo x3 and aiaiai modded cans... feeling lke a child unwrapping birthday present... then I Report... hoping for the better! Scott you' re the Champion of The Molded-Asskicking-Rock!

  2. Really DIGGING IN!!!
    But Bro, can The Big Lucipher bite your ass...why in the world you encode This Gem at mp3 cbr 160? I'm not a codec snob ... but this album deserve at least --vbr -V2 or 192 cbr!!! Thanks for the DISCOVER!