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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Some very tasty noise-rock from Atlanta veterans The Hawks, not ashamed to admit I've never heard them before either, but I am listening right now, and yeah, pretty good ....not as "noisy" maybe, as some other noise-rock stuff in places, which makes for a nice noise/metal/grunge mixture.....actually (not really like me) my fave tracks here are the instros, they just kind of grind and churn.......the other numbers are great as well though, gotta say this one is pretty good, anyone out there with some earlier Hawks? (No, NOT "Gary" ZIMMERMAN'S old band), but I'd be interested in hearing more material, I do like this one.

NO CASH VALUE-01 Tone Deaf/02 Dust Up/03 III/04 Silk Slime/05 Clean Plate/06 Blacktop/07 IIII III (IX)/08 Single Handed/09 Luckless/10 IIII II (VII)

Thanks John N for all you do, you are amazing, a huge part of what we are trying to accomplish around here.....thanks 10000000 x over!

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