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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Black Furs

Inline image 1From Spain an from Fabio come the Black Furs, with their latest disc "Doomed Blues".....haven't heard it yet, but knowing my love of loud, noisy rock n roll from around the globe, chances are this is another one I wanna hear.

track list as follows

1Warm Satisfaction 02:45/2 Devil Got Me On The Road 04:45/3Voodoo Queen Blues00:26/4Poison Deals03:54/5 Blues Of Lova07:46/ 6 Serpent Baby 04:53/ 7 Most Tempestiva 02:57/ 8 Jesus Left Me Die So Young01:21/9 Electric Heat 03:57/10 I Ain´t Superstitious 03:39/11 Kiss Of Magic 04:57/ 12 Dos Corazones Duros 01:06/13 Livin´Like A Dog/ 14:10!2QxmiaxI!L-7Z22uLOIySM3xcZLjx1A

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