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Monday, February 13, 2017

Collect 'em all! More Zimmerman "comic books"

That's right, break out those GBFAL decoder rings and set to frequency 345789.455 (important: .456
in Idaho) to crack the code words in this post. And remember decoder rings are still available, $249.95, plus a mere $40 for is like stealing!

So here are "issues" 9-12 of the great "Zimmerman Comics" series.....they were of course, "publishsed" in a variety locations, see below, also for dates of "publication"......there are no "tables of contents" offered up for these "books" as I don't feel like it, but according to one contributor, they are all fairly similar.

Remember there are 36 total "issues" of " Zimmerman", actually only 23 actual "Stories'.....but some DO have additional "chapters", bringing this to 36 "issues" total.

ISSUE 9-Published in Dublin Ireland 5/5/66

ISSUE 10 Published in Belfast Ireland 5/6/66

ISSUE 11 Published in Bristol England 5/10/66

ISSUE 12 Published in Cardif Wales 5/11/66

God bless our decoder rings, we'd never be able to finish ANYTHING without them.....btw, thanks to both John N and Jon S for submitting their personal copies of these "comics".

One third of the way through the Zimmerman "comics" and as yet no "problems", reflecting unfavorably upon the intellect of those that would create problems, if ya get what I'm saying......I guess those folks are too cheap to spring for a decoder ring?

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