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Monday, February 13, 2017

Devilish Dear

This is a good one. From Brazil we have a fine set of shoegaze noise from Devilish Dear, "These
Sunny Days".......this is stuff, I think, you either "get" or you "don't", like a lot of rock music has always been......this is some of the typical noise rock that I personally have raved about the last couple of years.....almost qualifies as an instrumental album as the vocals are mixed down so low, but it works for me, noise, distortion, sound effects, all that kewl stuff........I'm thrilled to be posting this one for y'all, hope some of ya dig it at least, I know for sure I do.

THESE SUNNY DAYS-01 Face Without Eyes/02 These Sunny Days/03 Time to Live a Little/04 3 AM/05 Pointless Status/06 This isn't Happiness/07 Handstand/08 I Wanna Do It/09 Mad Future

Save this post......someday when everyone understands that I am right about this stuff being THE rock n roll of the 2010's, it'll be valuable, and people will appreciate me for the genius that I am. And thanks a zillion to links-meister John N for turning me on to this one, it's REALLY good imo.



  2. My Bloody Valentine docet... not bad at all