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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Can-The Lost Tapes!

As zigzagwanderer works tirelessly to get the entire Can discography posted, Mr.DaveSampson provides us with the requested link for the "Can Lost Tapes"........this should (after Zig submits the remaining discs) provide us with ALL the Can releases we need.....if you are colecting the whole thing, please do not miss this one, we should have pretty much the whole thing including this one!


  1. Excellent !! Many thanks to Dave Sampson . Just two more parts to go and then , just for Scott , Krokodil !!

  2. Hi Scott and Zigzag.
    Thanks for all this cans ;-)
    On itslostitsfound blogspot you can find some pretty rare Can. Maybe some stuff you don't know?
    All the best!
    Jan (Netherlands)

  3. Whew- I thought I had 'em but I must've lost 'em.

  4. I am a little late in seeing this, but I'm so grateful! This is indispensable! :)