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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Caulfields

The Caulfields from Delaware USA, made one spectacular power-pop album, ""Whirligig" in 1994-5? one
of those......anyway it's damn near classic, unknown as it may be.......the great opener "Devil's Diary" is loaded with clever lyrical play ("It's never good, to be understood, by a girl in acid wash"), "Alex Again" has  wonderful power pop hook, "Awake on Wedensday" is a great song........good album. 4.5 stars easy!

I've posted this album before, it's fab, and now, here is their follow up "L".....not nearly as good as "Whirligig", but workmanlike powerpop, fans of the genre will find it acceptable......"Whirligig" is the one you want, though, if you only want one. It's a great album and you'll be sorry if you never hear it!

WHIRLIGIG-01 Devil's Diary/02 Awake On Wednesday/03 Rickshaw/04 Alex Again/05 The Day That Came And Went/06 Fragile/07 All Of My Young Life/08 Where Are They Now/09 Hannah, I Locked You Out/10 Breathe Under Water/11 The Underwater World of Asia X/12 Disease

L-01 Figure It Out/02 President of Nothing/03 Waiting To Cry/04 Once Upon a Time/05 invincible/06 Book Of Your Life/07 The kitchen Debate/08 Skeleton Key/09 All I Want Is Out/10 All Things to All People/11 Atlas Daughter/12 Heaven on the Moon/13 Beard of Bees/14 Tomorrow Morning/15 Born Yesterday


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