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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The D4

Great album, "6twenty" from the D4, a New Zealand psycho/punk/pop tandem......this album was one of the
better issues of it's year, whenever that was (2008? something like)......this album goes like a hurricane, one rocking slab after another......My fave is the slamming "Little Baby", but there is a LOT more to recommend this one......a great and overlooked album.

I've posted "6twenty" before, but have NOT, I don't think, posted the EP's I have located (I'd credit the submittor, but have lost the name of who sent them)... "Girl" goes like a hurricane, four slamming tracks for your consumption,  and "Out Of My Head" wraps things up, a few good tracks but if you're being picky, I'd certainly stick with "6twenty" and "Girl".....

Excellent, hard rocking garage-punk, you iz gonna luv it!

6TWENTY-01 Rock N Roll Motherfucker/02 Get Loose/03 party/04 Come On!/05 Pirate Love/06 Running On Empty/07 Ladies Man/08 Invader Ace/09 Little Baby/10 Rebekah/11 Mysterex/12 Exit to the City/13 Heartbreaker

GIRL-01 Girl/02 Come On!/03 Outta Blues/04 What U Want

OUT OF MY HEAD-01 Sake Bomb (English Version)/02 out of My head/03 Feel It Like It/04 What I
Want/05 Trust Nobody/06 Stops Me Cold/07 Omerta/08 Out of Control/09 Too Stupid/10 Do No Right/11 Peepshow/12 Savage/13 Sake Bomb (Japanese Version)/14 Rock N Rule/15 Diamond, Ruby, Stone

Tremendous hard rocking garage punkiness, I can't imagine anyone not loving these!

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