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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jesus & Mary Chain 1989 Peel Sessions

The Jesus and Mary Chain, while hardly the world's most popular band, certainly lended their influence to
the current crop of noise-rockers, them and My Bloody is a great Peel Session release from 1989, great performances of great songs, alot from the classic "Psychocandy"(including my faves, "Inside Me"and "Never Understand"  and much more......this is a good one that I found while looking for something else, but you would do well to check this one out, exhilerating stuff.

1989 PEEL SESSIONS-01 In a Hole/02 You Trip Me Up/03 Never Understand/04 Taste the Floor/05 The Living End/06 Inside Me/07 just Like Honey/08 Some Candy talking/09 Psycho Candy/10 You Trip me Up/11 Cut Dead/12 Fall/13 In the Rain/14 Happy Place/15 Sidewalking/16 Coast to Coast/17 Take It/18 My Girl/19 Far Gone and Out/20 Silverblade/21 Here Comes Alice


  1. The FATHERS of Every Shoegaze/Pop-Noise band PERIOD.
    With very limited musical skills this band achieved GREAT RESULTS!

  2. Many thanks for this. I saw JAMC on the rollercoaster tour, in Glasgow, in the early '90s. They were supported by Blur, Dinosaur Jr, and My Bloody Valentine. An excellent evening, but it took a couple of days for my ears to recover.