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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Weekend Clash boots......been a while!

Three more Clash boots from the Lewdd collection, we're getting late in the Clash'scareer (ie songs
I've never heard of, are they from "Cut the Crap!"?.....anyway, as always, the sound quality on these will vary, as some Lewdd keeps for archival reasons.....some are quite tasty though, it's up to you to sort through the greatest Clash bootleg collection of all time!?!?!?!?! Or, maybe not.......

SAN ANTONIO 5/22/83-01 Garageland/02 Spanish Bombs/03 Somebody Got Murdered/04 Armagideon Time/05 rock the Cashbah/06 Lost in the Supermarket/07 Know Your Rights/08 Charlie Don't Surf/09 The Guns of Brixton/10 I'm So Bored With the USA/11 Death or Glory/12 Bankrobber/13 Hate and War/14 Tommy Gun/15 Sound of Sinners/16 Police on My Back/17 Brand New Cadillac/18 London Calling/19 Straight to Hell/20 Train in Vain/21 The Magnifiacent Seven/22 Fingernails (W/Joe Ely)/23 Should I Stay or Should I Go/24 I Fought the Law

GLASGOW-2/10/84-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03  Ammunition /04
We Are the Clash /05 Sex Mad War/06  Clampdown /07 The Guns Of Brixton/08 Three Card Trick/09
Glue Zombie /10 English Civil War/11 Spanish Bombs /12 Clash City Rockers /13 Police and Thieves /14 The Dictator/15 Career Opportunities/16 I Fought the Law/17 Complete Control/18 White Riot /19
Know Your Rights /20 Tommy Gun/21 In the Pouring Rain /22`Brand New Cadillac/23 Garageland /24
Are You Ready for War? /25 I’m So Bored with the USA /26 Janie Jones

PARIS 3/1/84 01 Intro, London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Are You Red-Y/04 Rock the
Casbah/ 05 The Dictator/06 Mag 7/07 The Guns Of Brixton/08 Ammunition/09 Clampdown/10 Sex Mad War/11 I'm So Bord With the USA/12 This Is England/13 Tommy Gun/14 Police & Thieves/15 Three Card Trick/16 Janie Jones/17 I Fought the Law/18 Brand New Cadillac/19 Complete Control/20 Armagideon Time/21 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/22 Career Opportunites/23 Garageland/24 1-2 Crush On You/25 English Civil War


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