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Friday, February 24, 2017

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

From Cambridge England we have another Fabio submission, this one from Uncle Acid & the
Deadbeats.....despite the goofy name some heavy, hard rocking stoner metal.....kind of "old school" stoner rock, at times they remind of The Stooges or MC5 or Alice Cooper, all blended with Black Sabbath......really impressive in my opinion. This is a 2011 release, beats hell out of me why I've not heard of it before.

BLOOD LUST-01 I'll Cut You Down/02 Death's Door/03 Over and Over Again/04 Curse in the Trees/05 I'm Here to Kill You/06 Ritual Knife/07 Withered Hand of Evil!CAACQTzD!fT4u0IMoSY6bCQjlVuYv6Q


  1. I really feel in this band the Beatles-Sabbath crossover... i send you some other release one of these days, loving them... almost a black metal feel underground... the mourning voice... i put them on Kadavar-like olympo!

  2. Even though it is a shitty name, I dig it!!!