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Friday, February 24, 2017

Bush rarities

I made this 2 disc set of Bush rarities a couple of years ago, heard some Bush today and thought about
dragging these out, I thought they were good and homemade comps have occasionally fallen flat, I really think these are solid, they are my tribute to Gavin Rossdale, as, unlike me, he has had his very fortunate face between the thighs of Gwen Stefani, thus making him my idol.

RARE BUSH DISC 1-01 Revolution Blues (live)/02 Bubbles (From "Mallrats" Soundtrack)/03 Bud (From Machinehead single)/04 Solomon's Bones (Machinehead single)/05 Greedy Fly (Greedy Fly Single)/06 Insect Kin (live) (Greedy Fly Single)/07 Old (live) (Greedy Fly Single)/08 Personal Holloway (live) (Greedy Fly Single)/09 Cold Contagious (16 Oz. Demo Version)/10 Homebody (Chemicals Between Us Single)/11 The Chemicals Between (Radio Edit) (Chemicals Between Us Single)/12 Chemicals Between Us (Super Collider Vapor Version) (Chemicals Between Us Single)/13  Chemicals Between Us (US Promo Single)

RARE BUSH DISC 2-01 Chemicals Between Us (Original US Demo Version)/02 Letting the Cables Sleep
(Letting the Cables Sleep UK Single)/03 Letting the Cables Sleep (Apocalypse Mix) (Letting the Cables Sleep Single)/04 Letting the Cables Sleep (Gladiator Remix) (Letting the Cables Sleep UK single)/05 Letting the Cables Sleep (Nightmare on Wax Remix) (Letting the Cables Sleep UK Single)/06 Letting the Cables Sleep (Original Demo) (Letting the Cables Sleep UK single)/07 American Eyes (The People That We Love EP)/08 The People That We Love (Golden Dub Remix) (The People That We Love EP)/09 The People That We Love (instro) (The People That We Love EP)/10 Inflatabale (Headful of Ghosts EP)/11 Hurricane (live in Brussels)/12 Inflatable (Radio Remix)

I'm not the best at creating these type of projects, LOTS of the team here can do em better than can I....but I DO happen to like this one, there is some good stuff on here........hope you all enjoy it, and I hope it encourages everyone to create their own rarities comps from their fave bands!


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  2. I tried downloading these but it says empty archive when I try to open the files. Can you look into this? I'm looking forward to getting these. Thanks