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Monday, February 27, 2017

Human Colonies

Bravo to John N for sending us these cool sounds from Italy's Human Colonies.......more
noise/shoegaze/dreampop type stuff, I really think it's great, demos and all........we have 2 EP's and a demo Ep here for your approval, as well as a bonus, non-EP's all pretty good, I like the track "Sunshine Jesus" from the Demo EP,as well as "Sirio",  but there is a lot here to like.......sometimes this type of music needs to exude a certain "feeling" to hit home.......these do, look forward to hopefully more from these guys, like these a lot.

DEMO EP-01 Sunshine Jesus/02 Falling Deeper/03 Cross/04 hey You

CAVALRY EP-01 Hard-On/02 Sunshine Jesus/03 Falling Deeper/04 Cross/05 Exposphere/06 Body/07 Hey You

BIG DOMINO VORTEX EP-01 Sirio/02 Big Domino Vortex/03 Vesuvius/04 Mondrian/05 Kleio/06 Psychowash/ )& NON-EP BONUS TRACK-Breather

Good submissions, I recommend I've said a million times, THIS is the current state of ultra-cool rock n roll! Don't miss, please!


  1. demo