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Friday, February 24, 2017

Filling a request for Fabio

Since he sends so many great links to us, the least I can do is answer the guy when he requests up
something, in this case The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Stoned and Dethroned", from about 1994 I think.....this is the album that features guest vocalist Hope Sandoval on the track "Sometimes/Always"........the reason the track is significant is the teaming of what  is probably THE most bored sounding female singer in history (Sandoval) as well as the most bored sounding male singer as well (Jim Reid of JAMC).......really, it is a good single, as is the underappreciated "Come On"......glad I could help you out Fabio, enjoy, and thanks for all you do for our blog.

  1. "Dirty Water" - 3:08
  2. "Bullet Lovers" - 3:39
  3. "Sometimes Always" - 2:32
  4. "Come On" (J. Reid) - 2:13
  5. "Between Us" - 2:59
  6. "Hole" (Jim Reid) - 2:15
  7. "Never Saw It Coming" - 3:32
  8. "She" (Jim Reid) - 3:08
  9. "Wish I Could" - 2:42
  10. "Save Me" (J. Reid, W. Reid) - 2:43
  11. "Till It Shines" - 3:17
  12. "God Help Me" - 2:47
  13. "Girlfriend" - 3:16
  14. "Everybody I Know" - 2:13
  15. "You've Been a Friend" (J. Reid) - 3:37
  16. "These Days" - 2:31
  17. "Feeling Lucky" - 2:18


  1. "God Help Me" gives me goosebump... may be the appearence of my absolute HERO Shane MacGowan (The Pogues). Thanks Bro!

  2. thanks for all!
    greetings from mexico!
    I have a request... do u have some stuff of chicano batman?
    or u don´t like that? anyway i like this blog so much so read you later amigos

    1. Dear Carlos Search HERE:

    2. I have a live somewhere... if only i manage to find it.i Love the gtr of Chicano Batman

  3. Don't think I have any......saw them open for Jack white a couple years ago

  4. i didn't see this post and tried miself to give link for fabio and others but got cockblocked coz not on usual browser and it wanted mi pw to post comment si don't know if it got through-if it did don't mind it.

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