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Friday, January 6, 2017

A Non-musical post (or two)

Going through the non-music files looking for something (that I didn't find), I did trip on a couple of things
that I thought I might post, just to, like, keep me unique and all that.

First, this, how to describe 1955-6, a "humorous" record was released by Bill Buchanan and Dickie Goodman......"Flying Saucer"......the idea here is a "newscaster" (Buchanan) "interiews" a subject (in the 'Flying Saucer' case, a space alien), the questions are "answered" with snippets of various pop tunes.......really amusing if you are about 10, and Mr's Buchanan and Goodman carried on as the sole pracatitioners of this particular genre, at least until the 1970's or so........not terribly funny, or even listenable, but there is a whole collection of this stuff here, and I fell I perform a community service to anyone who has not had the pleasure......some various performers turn these in, as can be seen from the track list.....this is a weird little thing I just thought might brighten a day or two

01 STEVE ALLEN, ALAN FREED, & AL COLLINS-The Spaceman/02 BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer (Part 1)/03 BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer (Part 2)/04  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer The 2nd/05  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer The 3rd/06  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucers Go West/07  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-Santa & The Satellite (Part 1)/08  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-Santa & The Satellite (Part 2)/09 CAPTAIN ZAP-Lunar Landing/10 DAVE BARRY/SARA BERNER-Out of This World Flying Saucers (Part 1)/11  DAVE BARRY/SARA BERNER-Out of This World Flying Saucers (Part 2)/12 DICKIE GOODMAN-Luna Trip/13 DICKIE GOODMAN-Hey ET/14 GIDDENS & SONS-The Space Man/15 JEFF HUGHES-Our Spaceman Came Back/16 JESSE LEE TURNER-The Little Space Girl 17-JON GOODMAN-The Return of the Flying Saucers/18 MANNY SCOOTZ-Cap Canaveral (Part 1)/19 MANNY SCOOTZ-Cap Canaveral (Part 2)/20 THE MERRY MARTIAN-The Flying Saucers In Brooklyn (Part 1)/21 THE MERRY MARTIAN-The Flying Saucers In Brooklyn (Part 2)/22 MISSLES-The Space Ship/23 RAY STEVENS-I Saw Elvis in a UFO/24 RUFF AND REDDY-Henry Goes to the Moon (Part 1)/25 RUFF AND REDDY-Henry Goes to the Moon (Part 2)/26 SHEB WOOLEY-Santa & The Purple People Eaters/27 SID LAWERENCE & FRIENDS-The Answer to the Flying Saucers/28 SPACEMAN-Man In Orbit/29 THOSE FIVE GUYS-You-Eff-Oh/30 VIK VENUS-Moonflight

Some Xmas shit here, wish I'd have found it a couple weeks earlier, but still I think it's kind of rare? Not sure......I'd bet solid money that Brian likely knows all about these type of records and likely has a bunch of em too, hopefully he might check to put some flesh on the bones!



  2. Wow, it doesn't get any more stupid and juvenile than this. But such was the comedy oeuvre of the time: Stan Freberg, Vaughn Meader, Even when glimmers of cleverness threatened to appear, there was the overriding air of silliness to bury it. Thanks for the post.