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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Bangs

I have posted this a couple times before let's see what happens in the darker days of 2017......the Bangs
were the chick punk/pop band that would morph into the Bangles.....last time I put up a Bangles submission up, it was quickly removed.....unsure why, I've shared the Bangs stuff a number of times......

I made this disc back when I was new at the game......there are 2 albums here, Tiger Beat and Sweet Revenge PLUS  a handful of bonus tracks.....remember though, I made this thing 15 years ago or so, aso if there is something mislabeled, or that doesn't belong here, or whatever, it's my fault. Am I making a new disc/discs? Oh FUCK no......this should satisfy the people upset about the Bangs/bangles removal of late.....try these, in particular the amazing cover of one of my fave songs, Cheap Trick's "Southern Girls".....might want to hurry if you want this homemade disc, it's worth your time.

TIGER BEAT-01 Chocolate Cobwebs/02 Vintage Piranha/03 baby's Day Out/04 Burnout/05 SOS/06 He's a Groupie/07 Ferocious Pocket/08 Tiger Beat/09 Lend Me Crumpets/10 Death By Guitar

SWEET REVENGE-01 Fast Easy Love/02 Sweet Revenge/03 Train Wreck/04 Docudrama/05 Undo Everything/06 Telephone Game/07 Into You/08 Schick Shadel/09 Licorice Whip/20 Scorpi-Oh/21 Southern Girls

BONUS TRACKS-01 No Mag Commercial/02 Getting Out of hand/03 Tender Thunderbolt/04 The magician's Assistant/05 Get Electric/06 Bitchin Summer

Although these are broken down as they are, there is but ONE link for ALL of this stuff!



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  2. Thanks for sharing, Scott and i wish you a real real good 2017.


  3. Many thanks for sharing, Scott. All the best for the New Year.


  4. Thanks Scott! Good stuff but this is actually Bangs, a Seattle group from the early 2000s, not The Bangs aka The Bangles.
    Still good though.


  5. The bonus tracks are by The Bangs, aka The Bangles.

  6. My guess is that they'd have to be the band that caused the better-known "The Bangs" to change their name to The Bangles. I saw The Bangles here in NYC a few months ago, and I was glad I went.