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Friday, January 13, 2017

Tangible Rays

(scott)-Maybe my first "new" release of 2017, Tangible Rays hail from the Ohio Mafia stronghold, Youngstown (never mind), this is a pretty fair set of the noisy, trippy, shoegaze-stoner hybrid that I feel is THE current sound in rock n roll right now (just my opinion, I just like the sound of these bands of late.....REALLY druggy, yet sophisticated....on my 2016 year-end list, AT LEAST half the bands put out, to one degree or another incorporated this My Bloody Valentine/Jesus and Mary Chain influenced noise rock, and here is the first of 2017......good album, thanks to John N for this fab submission, looking forward to 2017 loaded with great music (2016 had some remarkable music, in my opinion)'s a good kickoff for 2017.

SEANCE-01 Dizzy Spells/02 Wilt/03 Never Say/04 Mush/05 Everythings/06 Oldwave/07 Slumbernaut/08 Your Ghost/09 This Time/10 Pinkish

Really enjoyable rockin album from the great year of 2017, lots more to come I hope......thanks again John N!

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