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Monday, January 2, 2017

Pink Turns Blue

John N sent this a little while back, I was unfamiliar as I sometimes tend to be.......Pink Turns Blue are a
band from Cologne Germany who I guess have released a few LP's prior to this, 2016's "The AERDT-Untold Stories".......really like this, kind of dark grungy new wave/alt.......the singer reminds me of several others, even maybe Kurt Cobain a bit......this is a fine album I'm sorry I missed at first, and, also, these guys merit further investigation on my part.......thanks John N for this, and, to Frank in Germany: you have any more of their stuff? Just a shot, I like this album.

THE AERDT UNTOLD STORIES-01 Something Deep /02 Dirt/03 Give Me Your Beauty/04 The Clown/05 Here Is To You my Love/06 Tomorrow Never Comes/07 NYC Breakdown/08 Roads/09 I Believed/10 Devil

Good album, reminds me of the sounds of the post grunge-mid 90's mixed with some gloomy Smith's type 80's new wave......I like it quite a bit.

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