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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kamikaze Queens

This band cranked out a few albums, late 00's, but the only one I have is this, "Voluptuos Panic" (2008)......Good female fronted pop/punk, hard rocking for certain, and quite listenable.....any of my friends in blog land have their remaining albums? I'd like to give them a spin, as this one is quite good......"Don't Look Back" rocks like hell, "Bad Bad Boy" rolls along like something from the a poor-man's Pretenders (VERY poor man, actually).......the title track is a Nashville Pussy-styled rocker, it's hilarious to hear them try to mouth the lyric "voluptuous panic" at the fast tempo of the song......and of course don't miss "Two Minute Fuck", which ironically clocks in at 1:24..........

I love chick-fronted rock bands as I'm sure we know by now, this is another one to listen to, fans of the genre will appreciate's a 2.5 star effort, but the band themselves are worthy of further listening, should any be available.

VOLUPTUOUS PANIC-01 Don't Look back/02 Sick Inside/03 True Love Never Dies/04 Young Blood/05 Bad Bad Boy/06 If You Love Me/07 Voluptuous Panic!/08 Loaded Gun/09 Romance Is Dead/10 Tarantula's Arms/11 2 Minute Fuck/12 The Morning After/13 Voluptuous Panic (Live)



  2. Thanks Scott , I'll give this one a try . I have their album Automatic Life which is ok , I'll upload it & send you the link tomorrow .