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Saturday, January 7, 2017

SON OF Garage Fuzz, Part 1

Nugget-heads rejoice, as I recently found this Torrent somewhere, it's nearly the size of the previous Garage

I know the first Garage Fuzz series was off-the-charts popular, I hope this new series is as well recieved....I guess think of this set as "Rubble" to the first set's "Nuggets"? Well, maybe not, but there is some great stuff on this torrent as well......the first Torrent went to 22 parts, I'd guess this one might be closer to 15 or so, but hell, when can we get enough Nugget rock anyway?
Fuzz torrent, but I am doing you the service of attempting to prune the overlapping tunes....I'll likely miss a few of them, but this SHOULD BE a fairaly fresh set of tunes for you collectors of this stuff!

VOLUME 1-01 17TH AVENUE EXITS-A Man Can Cry/02 17TH AVENUE EXITS-Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/03 A LITTLE BIT OF SOUND-Incense and Peppermints/04 AARDVARK-Salty Dog/05 AARDVARKS-Let's Move Together/06 ACT OF CREATION-I've Just Seen You/07 AGENTS 00-Little Miss Go Go/08 AL QUICK & THE MASOCHISTS-Theme From Sadistic Hypnotist/09 ALLIANCE-I'll Be Kind/10 AMERICAN EXPRESS-When the City Sleeps/11 AMOS BOYNTON & THE ABC'S-The Ballad of Bertha Glutz/12 ANN MARGARET-It's a Nice World to Visit/13 ANNABEE KNOX-Bo Bo Boggie Pack/14 ARROWS-Granny Goose/15 ARTHURS THUMB-Love Makes the World Go Round/16 AUTOSALVAGE-Rampant Generalities/17 AVENGERS-Open Your Eyes/18
AZTECS-What Mood

The tradition continues!

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