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Friday, January 27, 2017

DA!-(1980-81 Unreleased recordings)

(scott) I had forgotten all about DA!, searched my shelves and seem to have nothing, I know I used to have
a couple of singles, anyone help? (this is a REAL challenge, I think)......DA! were a fab early 80's post-punk outfit, think Siouxsie & the Banshees (by the way, I'm working on a MEGA-banshees post) or the Bauhaus......formed by talented singer/bassist Lorna Donelly, and these demos/outtakes would have made a dandy album by themselves......not kidding, this is a really good "forgotten" (if ever known, much,at all) band, and this set of demos will educate us all to that........really, anyone with the singles they released, please speak up (I don't think they ever released an album, not quite sure but I don't think so.) They had a track or two on the "Busted at Oz" album, featured here a while back.

Anyway, it's a wonder that they never did make any waves, coz this collection is simply fucking awesome. Listened this evening, to some of it TWICE, and it's really something. It's amazing how we literally just "forget" about bands, and upon rediscovery, they sound better than ever.....honestly, I'd start listing highlights and the like, but the whole album merits your attention.

Thanks to John N for this submission, I know it was a while ago, but I try to get to all the good ones eventually!

! EXCLAMATION POINT-UNRELEASED RECORDINGS 1980-81-01 1-28 (1980 Demo)/02 Dark Rooms (1980 single a-side)/03 Silent Snow (alternate mix)/04 Mirrors (1980 demo)/05 Time Will Be Kind (1981 Outtake)/06 This Doubt/07 Fish Shit (1980 demo)/08 Strangers/09 Next to Nothing/10 The Killer (Live)/11 Oh Boy! (1980 demo)/12 Three Shadows/13 The Good's Gone (Live)/14 White Castles (1980 b-side)/15 Silent Snow (original version)/16 Fish Shit (Live, Busted at Oz)/17 The Killer (Live, Busted at Oz)

Ya know, looking at the track list, this MIGHT be pretty much their entire recorded output, I am unsure.....I see that some of (not sure if ALL) the singles are on this comp.......well, it's great regardless, and if you happen to have anything that does not appear on this disc, it's a great time to speak up!



    1. check your email for the singles and the oz songs

    2. Any chance the rest of us could get in on that? DA! is amazing. :)

  2. I recently discovered DA! when I read this...looking for something else. There's some good info at: