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Saturday, January 7, 2017

A recent Sleater-Kinney boot

Jon S submits a recent boot from my favorate (current)  band, Sleater Kinney.......I have over 100 of their
boots, and ALWAYS find something different and worthwhile on each and every one.....that's because to me they are such a great band......sound quality here is a bit off, but not enough to keep it from the world.....LOVE me some Sleater-Kinney, always will, anyone with any other SK boots/material is seriously requested to share them up!

12/31/16 MASONIC AUDITORIUM SAN FRANCISCO-01 Intro/02 The Fox/03 Far Away/04 Oh!/05 Surface Envy/06 Little Babies/07 A New Wave/08 What's Mine is Yours/09 Milkshake N Honey/10 Get Up/11 Not What You Want/12 Bury Our Friends/13 Wilderness/14 Price Tag/15 Jumpers/16 Dig Me Out/17 Modern Girl/18 Let's Call It Love/19 Entertain/20 New Years Eve Countdown/21 Gimme Love/22 Dance Song '97/23 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/24 Faith/25 Rebel Rebel/26 Outro

Thanks Jon S, Sleater-Kinney is one band, like Nirvana, Television, Roxy Music, The Clash, The MC5, and a few more, who will ALWAYS be posted here if submitted.......hey, I'm a "fan" of some bands as well !!!!!!!


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. This is nice because I just lost a bunch of my SK boots in a hard drive problem, leaving me with just a couple from last year and the BBC sessions