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Friday, January 13, 2017

Cherry Glazerr

Another new release, again from John N, and, again, another band I'm not familiar with, Cherry Glazzer......again, a new release, and you have to understand what that means by now.....anyway, I slipped this on and enjoyed it quite a bit........solid medium-hard rock from a chick fronted band with sort of semi-allusions to the droning noise rock I enjoy so much.......pretty good one, surprised me a touch.....very good album. I'd recommend fairly highly. Besides, can an LP called "Apocalipstick" be THAT bad?

APOCLIPSTICK-01 I Told You I'd Be With the Guys/02 Trash People/03 Moon Dust/04 Humble Pro/05 Nuclear Bomb/06 Only Kid on the Block/07 Lucid Dreams/08 Sip O' Poison/09 Nurse Ratched/10 Instgratification/11 Apocalipstick