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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I need YOU GUYS to tell me what to do

Here's the situation: Jon S and John N Have both sent me an incredible submission, something I DON'T
want to ignore......I'm gonna dance around this a little, but here is the gyst.......remember Zimmerman? He was a folk-rock type from a while back, is quite popular on this site, and often has the resources to get his shit pulled from here, unless I am VERY CREATIVE.......ok, so what did they send? Oh, just a THIRTY SIX DISC box set of a variety of Zim's shows from the 1960's......I HAVE DL'd them and have them both Jon S' Rapidshare link for the whole thing, and John N's individual links for, what should I do? I DO NOT wish to go to all this trouble if it's going to be fairly ignored. If a lot of you desire this, I'll get it put up.......but how? Do you want them all at once? 3-4 at a time like I do the Clash? Should I do it by request? remember I tried THAT once and it
was a disaster (for me).......Please, please, give me a bit of guidance,I don't want to waste our time, but if there is huge demand here, I WILL get it done, do you guys really WANT 36 discs of Zimmerman live? I've spot listened and they are quite's just that this is a big, messy project, and I would like to know the preferred method of getting them to those who desire them, provided there are enough.........PLEASE comment in the space below, help me to figure out the best way to get these to you and keep them active for the longest time possible........remember, I'VE ALREADY GOT EM.......I just wanna know the best way to share it, it's kind of sprawling, but I'd love to get it to you want them? and in what increment would you prefer

Thanks to Jon and John, this is a monster, and I don't want to waste it........I am hoping for some good advice on this one!


  1. three or four at time would suit me fine, since you ask. snowing here.

  2. I'd also say 3-4 a week would be cool!

  3. I'm a YES! Whatever works for you is great and thanks.

  4. Same here , 3 / 4 per week would work fine . Rapidshare ?? Thought they'd gone tits up a while back .....

  5. I'm in for either one. 'Course, there's probably some that are better than others sound-wise, and I'm no completist. So if you wanted to browse and push the 'picks' that would be great.

  6. Every so often would be nice. Thanks for sharing!