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Friday, January 27, 2017

Fahrenheit 451

I haven't given you guys a good novel to read in a while, so here is an old, old fave of mine, the brilliant Ray Bradbury's brilliant statement on censorship and the like.......wonderful book, very timely TODAY as well, despite being written in, I think, the 1940's........this book can really creep you out, envisioning a future where books are illegal and must be burned. Doncha worry chilluns, in Donald Trump's America, this is a perfectly logical scenario to be played out.......I may post some more dystopian novels in th
e near future as they are so "timely"......btw, DON'T watch the movie "Fahrenheit 451", it fucking sucks, sorry.......

Greatest opening line for a novel in literary history: "It was a pleasure to burn"..........

A very timely book by a brilliant writer (check also "The martian Chronicles" and "The Illustrated Man", the guy was a genius, but never could he (or anyone else) match the brilliance of "Fahrenheit 451".......welcome to your future.

This ain't no disco.



  2. Hope this is the version read by the author Scott.