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Friday, January 27, 2017

Son of Garage Fuzz, Volume 5

Well, letter "E" should be pretty easy to get through, so I'll throw up right now as well......glad I found this
torrent to supplement the previous huge batch, they have both been quite popular......and I understand why, obscure Nugget rock is one of the great joys in life, along with obscure punk, obscure glam, obscure stoner get the idea.......I love me some Nugget rock and I hope after I finish this one, I find another huge torrent, and can make a "Grandsons of Garage Fuzz".......for now, continue to enjoy the flood of great tunes coming your way in these fab volumes!

VOLUME 5-01 EDDIE & THE STOMPERS-The Stompers Ride/02 ELECTRAS-Dirty Old Man/03 ELECTRIC PRUNES- You've Never Had It Better/04 ELEKTRAS-Say You Love Me/05 ELOIS-By My Side/06 EMBERS-Evelyn/07 EMBLEMS-We're Gonna Love/08 ENDEAVORS-Distortions/09 EPICS-East Side Story/10 EPICS-Humpty Dumpty/11 EQUALS-My life Ain't Easy/12 EVERGREEN BLUES-Three's a Crowd/13 EVIL-From a Curbstone/14 EVIL-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/15 EX-CELS-Like a Dream/16 EXOTICS-I Was Alone

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