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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Molochs

From Los Angles come The Molochs, submitted by the unmatchable John N.......their new album, "America's Velvet Glory", is the item in question here. Listened a couple days ago, not bad, retro-ish garage/hard rock, maybe with some Stones-ish touches in there as well.......not likely destined for classic status, but not everything has to be.....mostly, we're all here for the rock n roll, and here's another slab of it......

01. Ten Thousand
02. NoCONTROL(best track of the album, imho)03. Charlie’s Lips
04. That’s the Trouble with You
05. The One I Love
06. Little Stars
07. No More Cryin
08. You and Me
09. New York
10. I Don’t Love You
11. You NeverLEARN

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