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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Le Villejuif Underground

Sent to us by John N, this is a pretty cool set of French Alternative rock, I am damned if I can comparea it to much of anything, but it's quite fab, in particular leadoff track "Visions For Shannon", which reminds me in a weird way of Lou Reed/Willy DeVille's vocals brought into 2017......listening to the rest of it now as I type, and I am enjoying it, keep thinking the singer has a Reed-fixation, which, hey, as I always say, better a Lou Reed fixation than a Geddy lee one, right? This is loaded up with some pretty good alt-pop, (English vocals) also, believe it or not, sort of reminds me of what a post-modern Dire Straits might sound like.......anyway, ice-cool lyrics, slick instrumentation, smart-ass sounding lyrics and vocals all add up to a pretty good time......3.5 star album in Scott's black book

SELF TITLED-01 Visions For Shannon/02 The Daintree Is Gone/03 CCC/04 Since Everything Changes/05 Cold Dark Place In Your Art/06 Portrait of a Serial Killer/07 On the Seine/08 Chefchouen Blues/09 Sake of the Sake/10 Absinthe Minded Woman

Like this one a good bit, if this is your kinda thing, thought it was really quite good!



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