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Saturday, January 28, 2017

DA! redux

Hey, you never know......last night I posted a bunch of unreleased and other tracks from semi-legends DA!, I asked that if anyone had anything else, I'd love to hear it/have it to complete the collection.....a few hours later, and Lewdd provides a link to, as he says, to the singles and Oz tracks.....just wonderful. I wouldn't have figured on such a snappy response, but I love it........hell, he had the set i posted last night, too, coulda just let HIM do all the work. Just fuckin round, he does PLENTY of work round here, another stellar member of Team GBFAL!

BUSTED AT OZ (Previously posted here in full context)-01 Fish Shit/02 The Killer

DARK ROOMS (7") 01 Dark Rooms/02 White Castles

TIME WILL BE KIND (12")-01 Next to Nothing/02 Strangers/03 Silent Snow/04 Three Shadows/05 This Doubt

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