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Friday, January 27, 2017

Fabio submits Snowy Dunes

Fabio is becoming a great contributor, I hope he continues as he seems to have a great feel for the stoner
rock I love so much.......I was unfamiliar with Snowy Dunes, listened today and this is a hell of a good album. This is some amazingly great riff-rocking shit here, I'm amazed, really, that I don't know of this......anyway, great band, great album, and hopefully a new GREAT contributor, we can never have too many of those......Fabio, feel free to submit as much stuff as you wish, all of your shares have been A-1.....welcome to "Team growing Bored"!

SNOWY DUNES-01 Tranquil Mountain Lake/02 Dawn/03 Turn Around/04 Watch Out For Snakes/05 Desert Cold/06 Bad Wolf/07 Electric Love/08 Diablo/09 The Light

Hey stoner rock fans.........I know some of ya hang out WANT this, it's slamming!

 Snowy Dunes.rar

1 comment:

  1. Good Album indeed... Kind words too, please too meet you!