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Monday, January 30, 2017

Break out the decoder rings, more Zimmerman Comics

OK, another installment of "Zimmerman Comics", "issues" 5-8.....see below for the dates and locations
that these were "published" on.......and remember, those decoder rings are STILL available for only $295.99 plus a mere $40 for shipping......everyone let me know how you are enjoying the "comics".....also remember, there are no "tables of contents" for these. Jon S says they are all pretty similar......thanks to both John N and Jon S for these awesome submittals.

ISSUE #5- 4/19/66 Melbourne, Austrailia

ISSUE #6- 4/20/66 Melbourne, Australia

ISSUE #7- 4/29/66 Stockholm, Sweden

ISSUE #8- 5/1/66 (MY fourth birthday!) Copenhagen Denmark


  1. ISSUE 5

    ISSUE 6

    ISSUE 7

    ISSUE 8

  2. Many thanks, the Sydney issue from your last post was pretty excellent, but please change the art posted, it is out of character, ta