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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Specials demo

I am going to post some live Specials shows soon, Lewdd has sent me a slew of em, weeding out the better sounding ones.....for now, I thought this demo tape was interesting, I've never seen or heard it.....the early 80's (this tape 1981) ska-rockers turn "96 Tears" on it's head, with a good and kind of creepy version. "Why Dub" and "Why part 2" wrap up this short demo tape, but I thought it was of sufficient interest to post now, apart from the live stuff......see what ya think, Specials, ska, reggae, two-tone, new wave, and 1980's fans!

1981 DEMO TAPE-01 96 Tears/02 Why Dub/03 Why Part 2



  2. 96 id quite interesting. not the uptown rocker i would have expected. a sort of precursor to funboy three. have a great weekend