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Friday, January 13, 2017

Scott's "Son of Garage Fuzz" Volume 2

Man, there is a lot of good stuff in this second torrent, after pruning the overlap from the first "Garage Fuzz"
series, I think letter "B" of the "Son of" (Volume 2) still has around 50 tracks.......geez, one from the Beatles even! So, away we go.......just to lightly touch on the highlights, how about The Beau Brummels, Bubble Puppy, a couple of Bob Seger numbers, even the great Blues Magoos........solid, of course, in every way, has been this incredible torrent series, I'd LOVE to know who created these, so I could thank them, but there is no evidence....I suspect MAYBE ChrisGoes (creator of more brilliant online torrents than any human in history) but I'm not sure......regardless, rock the fuck out to these tracks.......if you are by any chance burning these to disc, sems like to me that "Garage Fuzz", with it's 22 Volumes, would take somewhat close to 30 discs......this part will likely require fewer, guessing 15-17, but this project has been a joy to compile and share. Nugget rock, baby. Nugget rock forever!

VOLUME 2-01 BAKE TURNER-Violation/02 BANDIT-Rigor Mortis/03 BARBARIANS-Hey Little Bird/04 BARONS-I hope I please You/05 BARONS-Reach For the Sky/06 BARRACUDAS-The Reason Why/07 BARRY ALLEN & WES DAKUS' REBELS-And My Baby's Gone/08 BARRY LEE SHOW-I Don't Want to Love You/09 BEATEN PATH-Doctor Stone/10 BEATIN' PATH-I Waited So Long/11 BEATLES-Think For Yourself/12 BEAU BRUMMELS-In Good Time/13 BEAU DENTURIES-Straight Home/14 BEAU GENTS-Big Black Machine/15 BEDLAM FOUR-No one Left to Love/16 BEETHOVEN'S FIFTH-Come Down/17 BELLS OF RHYMNY-She'll Be Back/18 BERKSHIRE 7-Bring Your Love to Me/19 BILLY & THE KIDS-When I See You/20 BILLY ADAMS-Alone/21 BILLY BATSON-New York New York/22 BIRDS-How can It Be/23 BIRDS-No Good Without You Baby/24 BITTERSWEETS-In the Night/25 BLACK DIAMONDS-I Want, Need, Love You/26 BLUE BANANA-My Love/27 BLUE BOYS-I Know/28 BLUE CONDITION-Coming Home/29 BLUE LITE CONSPIRACY-Her Heart Said No/30 BLUE MIST-Twice Before/31 BLUE RONDOS-Baby I Go For You/32 BLUES MAGOOS-Pipe Dream/33 BLUES MAGOOS-There's a Chance We Can Make It/34 BLUES UV PURPLE-Miss Dove/35 BO PETE-Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun?)/36 BOB BRADY & THE COM CHORDS-It's Love/37 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-East Side Story/38 BOB
SEGER SYSTEM-2+2=/39 BOBBY JAMESON-Gotta Find My Boogaloo/40 BOJAX-Go Ahead and Go/41 BOOTMEN-Off the Hook/42 BOSS MEN-Easy Way Out/43 BRAND X-She Lied/44 BREAKAWAYS-Come See Me/45 BRIKS-I'm Losing/46 BRIMSTONES-It's All Over Now But the Crying/47 BRITISH-NORTH AMERICAN ACT-Don't Run Away/48 BRYAN DAVIES-I Need Help/49 BUBBLE PUPPY-Lonely/50 BUDDY PETERS & THE MAJESTIC FIVE-My Sweet Baby/51 BURLINGTON SQUIRES-Back Up/52 BURLINGTON SQUIRES-World/53 BUSH-To Die Alone/54 BUSHMEN-What I Have I'll Give To You/55 BUZZ-You're Holding Me Down/56 BYSTANDERS-Just Exactly Off

If you like this series, please be sure and share it with your friends, these two series are LOADED with
great, rare, and forgotten tunes......plenty more to come, obviously, but I am proud of this series, I think it's great, I just would like to be sure to keep these records ALIVE!

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