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Monday, January 16, 2017

John N with new Ty Segal

I don't know if this one will be around long, or not, but hard rocking Ty Segal has a new (2017) releases....just checking it out now, not exactly like Ty's earlier garage-ish stoner rock, a bit more mainstream oriented, but not too much, still rocking plenty hard.....I'm trying to get a big TS post together, look for it hopefully in a couple weeks or plenty of boots and stuff.

Thanks to John N for this one, good share. It's new guys, act accordingly.

TY SEGAL 2017-01 Break a Guitar/02 Freedom/03 Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)/04 Talkin'/05 The Only One/06 Thank You Mr. K/07 Orange Color Queen/08 Papers/09 Take Care (To Comb Your Hair)/10 Untitled

Best track imo: the sludgy "The Only One".