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Monday, January 2, 2017

Stoner Kebab

Here's one that doesn't come up too often, the 2005 debut EP from the Italian doom rockers Stoner Kebab,
"Chapter Zero"......first of all, Stoner Kebab consisted of  bassist/singer Muccio, guitarist/singer Bubi, guitarist/ singer Justin Timberland, and drummer Rachid.....they've produced 3-4 subsequent albums, I hava heard them but don't think I have them.......I think this is the best actually, the fine experimental stoner rock, lots of interesting instrumental passages, and, besides, not as "doom-y" as their later releases.....always kind of liked this one, for real, hard rocking and capped off with a THIRTY FIVE minute epic, "Stoner Kebab".....doncha love it when metal bands get pretentious? Nothing better!

CHAPTER ZERO-01 Cop Song/02 Amazing Aurakaria/03 The March of the Yellow Lizard/04 Saint George/05 Stoner Kebab (Part 1, Stoner Kebab, part 2 (Silence), part 3 Untitled Improvisation

Just a fairly rare and unknown gem I fell on this evening while looking for something ya like it? And if anyone has the later releases, please bring em forward!