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Monday, January 2, 2017

Night Beats

Oh, my, here is a collection of good psychedelic-garage rock from Seattle (Beavis: "Is everybody In Seattle
COOL?" Butthead: "Yeah, If you go to Seattle, everybody that you see is COOL!").......uh, well, maybe, but these discs from Night Beats are cool as fuck.......handaful of EP's and an album or two, I'm listening right now and thinking maybe sort of like Screaming Trees perhaps.....pretty good stuff, if you like our normal posts, chances are you may like this one........good stuff here, and thanks to John N for the links, these rock.

2010 H BOMB EP-01 H Bomb/02 Shadows in the Night/03 They Came In Through the Window/04 Stampede

2011-NIGHT BEATS-01 Puppet on a String/02 Ain't Dumbo/03 Dial 666/04 The Other Side/05 Useless Game/06 DeWayne's Drone/07 Hallicinojenny/08 Ain't a Ghost/09 Meet Mr. Fork/10 War Games/11 High Noon Blues/12 Little War In the Midwest

2013-SONIC BLOOM-01 Love Ain't Strange (Everything Else Is)/02 Sonic Bloom/03 Playing Dead/04 Outta Mind/05 Real Change/06 Satisfy Your Mind/07 Catch a Ride to Sonic Bloom/08 The Seven Poison Wonders/09 As You Want/10 The Hidden Circle/11 Rat King/12 At the Gates/13 The New World

2013-UFO CLUB/NIGHT BEATS SPLIT EP-01 (TRACKS 1-4 UFO CLUB)-01 My Love Is Waiting/02 Chapel In My Mind/03 Wolfman/04 Be My Baby/ (TRACKS 5-8 NIGHT BEATS) 05 Hex/06 A Night With Nefertiti/07 Drowning In the Nile/08 18 Glowing Phantoms

2016-WHO SOLD MY GENERATION-01 Celebration #1/02 Power Child/03 Right Wrong/04 No
Cops/05 Porque ManIfana/06 Sunday Mourning/07 Shangri La/08 Burn to Breathe/09 bad Love/10 Last Train to Jordan/11 Turn the Lights/12 Egypt Berry

This was a real surprise, ALL of this is great, the new album in particular, as it reflects "that sound" of which I consider rock n roll in 2017.....I'vae described it before, but this album is perhaps a future classic of the genre!


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    part 3

    1. I couldn't get either parts 1 or 2 to open. Thanks for all of the hard work!

    2. I will repost it when I get to it. you are acting like an entitled ass. This is not my Damon career and you are not my employer

    3. Sorry, man! Not what I intended at all. Just running out of variations on "thanks for the music and blog" and just letting you know the links don't work in a quick comment. Repost it or don't. If that's not good enough for you, fuck off.

    4. My response wasn't for u I wrote it in the wrong comment, this has to do with the one this "j Keith" guy keeps bitching about, not u. I can still fuck off if u want, ok by me

    5. Sorry, mate! Keep on keepin' on!