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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wrapping Up Garage Fuzz (for now)

So here's Part 22 of the somewhat popular Garage Fuzz series....this is an abbreviated version, letters X-Y-Z.....should have tacked em on to Part 21 I guess, but so it goes.....the good news is that "Son of Garage Fuzz", nearly as large as this one and as good also, is nearly ready, I'm attempting to remove the overlap between the two sets, should be ready to go really soon!

Enjoy this brief one, until then!

VOLUME 22-01 XTREEMS-Facts af Life/02 XTREEMS-Substitute/03 YO YO'S-Gotta Find a New Love/04 YORKSHIRE PUDDIN-Keep Me In Mind/05 YOUNGSTERS-I Wanna Be Your Man/06 YUZO KAYAMA & THE LAUNCHERS-The Angry Man/07 ZAKARY THAKS-Green Crystal Ties

Look for "SON OF GARAGE FUZZ", really, like, SOON!



  2. Scott,
    many, many thanks for (re)posting this, tremendously exciting!!! I lost interest in 60s psych and garage a while ago, but this series got me back in the saddle! Also some of your other (fairly) recent posts: the Battle of the Sides series, several Nuggets comps., plus the neo-psych stuff (Battle of the Garages). All of this is much, much appreciated!!!