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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Anal Cunt

Hey, you figured a band called "Anal Cunt" was going to do Rod McKuen covers? This is their final release of about 10 or so albums, specializing in (go figure ) sleezy metal/thrash-core punk........this is the only album of theirs that inhabits my shelves, although, I think I've heard em all, and imo, one will suffice.......titles like "Kicking Your Ass and Fucking Your Bitch", "All I Give a Fuck About is Sex", and "I'm Gonna Give You AIDS" pretty much tell the story as though with pretty pictures.....

Again, another band I had forgotten about.....once again, let me throw this at the wall and see what happens, anyone else have any of the earlier releases? (This one is titled "Fuckin' A")........hey I like this stuff sometimes, provided we remember to bring our senses of humor to the table.......hey, anything goes, and if you have some of this stuff, it's way more than welcome here!

Bring it on team GBFAL........let's see what ya GOT!

FUCKIN A-01 Fuck Yeah/02 Crankin My Bands Demo On a Box at the Beach/03 Loudest Stereo/04 kicking Your Ass and Fucking Your Bitch/05 Hot Girls on the Road/06 Whiskey, Coke, and Sluts/07 All I Give a Fuck About is Sex/08 I'm Gonna Give You AIDS/09 Yay! It's Pink!/10 I Wish My Dealer Was Open

Hey, some pretty cool stuff here, if you be in the mood........check it out if you dare and remember, looking for other discs from these fine young gentlemen, if you can help us out, please do so!


Well, that was quick.....shortly after post went up an Anonymous poster submitted the following:

which is a link to Anal Cunt's 1997 disc, "I Like When You Die", great share and dona't be a stranger, Unknown!



  2. A.C. - I Like When You Die (1997)

  3. Scott,

    Here's a bootleg of Anal Cunt's early works from 1988-2001. The back cover has the dates of composition/expression. I apologize for the VBR quality. I wish I had 320. Enjoy!
    Anal Cunt-1988-2001-The EP'sography-(Bootleg 2XCD)-(VBR)


  4. Scott,

    Just tenderness and snuggling here:
    Anal Cunt-1998-Picnic Of Love-(128)