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Saturday, January 7, 2017


Some glammy early 1980's hard rock/slick-metal.......not the greatest, but kind of overlooked in an era of Kix was formed by Ronnie Younkins, Brian Forsythe and Donnie Purnell in December 1977 in Hagerstown, Maryland. The first album, 1981's self-titled epic, is a pretty fair effort, actually, with solid rockers like "Atomic Bombs", "Love at First Sight" and actually most of the tunes here are solid if lightweight rockers.....really, not bad at all, particularly when compared to music of the same era/genre.......
some piss poor metal bands (Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue, etc).......

The follow up, "Cool Kids" is a similar effort, though not nearly as good as the first one...."Get Your Monkeys Out" is beyond stupid, exactly the kind of thing we'd expect Poison to do......however, "Burning Love" an a couple more would fit OK on the first effort.

"Midnight Dynamite" came along in 1985, their best, I guess, and most successful IS 80's hair metal, which I generally hold a strong dislike for, but this does epitomize perhaps the "best" of the genre....a hard rocking album for certain, the title track, "Layin' Rubber", and "Scarlet Fever" are certainly typical 80's hair metal.........but NOT as bad as that stuff usually runs.

Lastly we haev "Blow My Fuse" which sticks closely to the "Midnight Dynamite" format, plenty of poppish-rockers, nothing really exceptional here, but if you be a fan of these lads, here are four albums, certainly all you would ever need.

No, I am not going to go in an "80'S HAIR METAL" direction, I was looking for something and tripped over Kix, whom I couldn't remember for fuck......anyway, pulled em out and gave em a, and I DO always talk enjoy these, they are not NEARLY as bad as some of us want them to be!

KIX-01 Atomic Bombs/02 Love at First Sight/03 Heartache/04 Poison/05 The Itch/06 Kix Are For Kids/07 Contrary Mary/08 The Kid/09 Yeah Yeah Yeah

COOL KIDS-01 Burning Love/02 Cool Kids/03 love Pollution/04 Body talk/05 loco-Emotion/06 Mighty Mouth/07 Nice on Ice/08 Get Your Monkeys Out/09 For Shame/10 Restless Blood

MIDNIGHT DYNAMITE-01 Midnight Dynamite/02 Red Hot (Black & Blue)/03 Bang Bang (Balls of Fire)/04 Layin Rubber/05 Walkin Away/06 Scarlet Fever/07 Cry Baby/08 Cold Shower/09 Lie Like a Rug/10 Sex

BLOW MY FUSE-01 Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT/02 Get It While It's Hot/03 No Ring Around Rosie/04 Don't Close Your Eyes/05 She Dropped me the Bomb/06 Cold Blood/07 Piece of Pie/08 Boomerang/09 Blow My Fuse/10 Dirty Boys


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  2. Kix was literally the first band I ever saw perform live. They opened the concert I attended and were really quite good live to 12-year-old me. I met an 18-year-old kid several years ago & Kix was his favorite band. It totally blew my fuse, I mean mind.