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Saturday, January 28, 2017

New from All Them Witches

Our new go-to guy Fabio submits another gem today.....All Them Witches are a fab stoner/southern psych outfit from Nashville that was featured here a couple months ago, and were quite popular. Unbeknownst to me, they apparently have a new one for us, and the very astute and stoner rock loving Fabio is on the case, sending us a copy of  "Sleeping Through the War" (due out 2/24, shhhhhhhh)....haven't listened yet, I will tonight, but I really like the rest of their material and I'm sure (at least hoping) that this maintains the previous quality standards......otherwise thanks to Fabio for working so hard to keep us in interesting shares......great work so far, hope you continue for as long as you wish! (Hint: We ALL (at least me, anyway) LOVE stoner rock and its derivatives, so stoner posts are always EXTRA welcome) (don't get me wrong, most ANYTHING is welcome).

SLEEPING THROUGH THE WAR-01 Bulls/02 Don't bring Me Coffee/03 Bruce Lee/04 3-5-7/05 Am I going Up/06 Alabaster/07 Cowboy Kirk/08 Guess I'll Go Live on the Internet (can't wait for that one, based on title alone)

Enjoy and and thanks so much to the newest member of Team GBFAL! The world's greatest team of blogging superstars (except maybe Jose's Spanish all-star blogger team, they kick ass as well!).

 2017 - Sleeping Through The War.rar

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