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Monday, January 23, 2017

Well, you told me what to do......

See yesterday's post, people want this broken down to 3-4 a week, like I do Clash boots......but on THIS
ONE there are some special instructions, ie, to get your "Zimmerman COMIC BOOKS" you need your special BigScott62 Decoder, if you DON'T have one, don't panic, there are a handful lefat, only $295.99 each, plus $45 shipping.....THEN you can find the HIDDEN MESSAGES in these is how it works.....wherever a word appears in "quotes", shine the decoder ring on the word and see what it REALLY means......for example, these "Zimmerman Comic Books" were all "printed" in 1966, at various locales around the world that we will note. Also the exact dates.......there will be no "tables of contents" for these efforts, you'll figure it out, with the help of the incredible decoder ring.

Anyway, don't give away the secrets of the Decoder ring......if someone figures it out and the links to these "comic books" begin to disappear, I'll have little choice but to stop putting "issues" of it up.......I'm also going to include Jon S' link (Mediafire) in case you WANT all 36 "issues" at once.....otherwise, use John N's for one "issue" at a for John N's, 1-link doesn't especially equal 1 "issue", you'll need to grab them as they are posted, I think 36 "issues" are contained in 32 links......

I implore everyone to cooperate here, lets' leave these "comic books" up for as long as we can, and REMEMBER there are still Decoder rings left for your easier use of the blog........please, when you comment, be sure to use the proper WORDING so that others can use THEIR decoding rings as well! What FUN!

See comments for more info and FUN games to play with the decoding ring1

Get those rings while they last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  2. white plains 2/5/66

  3. pittsburgh 2/6/66

  4. hempstead 2/26/66

  5. sydney 4/13/66 part 1

    sydney part 2

  6. and here is the Mediafire link for the adventurous among ya, all 36 "issues"

    1. To be accurate, it is 23 shows when 2 CDs are combined into what is a single show. Most are soundboards, a couple are record company recordings and a couple are audience recordings.

      The setlist in most of the shows are the same. Collectors will want the entire thing, or most any way. If you want to pick and choose, the list on this text file may help -

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  7. Many thanks, the decoder ring is ordered from amazon. I guess the comic strips must be fairly old as the anti semite nature of them would not be acceptable today