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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Fabio outdoes himself atoday,  he sends five shares that I want to hear. he's another guy who's never steered my in the wrong direction......I'll post them one at a time, I'll let ayou know what I think, and you please do the I said yesterday, I love my lesser-known, obscure rock n roll!
First, from Italy, we have a band that Fabio is friends with, I think?......we have an EP fraom Holyphant, "Black Flames"....please leave a comment on theses at Fabio's request......I'm gonna try a search for info, be right back.....not a lotta info, from Italy, is the track list for this EP:

BLACK FLAMES-01 Ghost Mind/02 Cold Shiver/03 The Circle/04 Black Flames/05 Heart of the Sun

 Holyphant - Black Flames EP.rar

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