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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Son of Garage Fuzz, Volume 4

Time for letter D listings for "Sons of Garage Fuzz"......this series has been good (I think) and popular, the
combining of the two monster torrents makes this as comprehensive set of obscure garage rock that you can I've said before, I pruned the overlap between "Garage Fuzz" and "Sons of", so all "new" original material on "Sons of"........glad you guys have been enjoying it, I think if you complete both sets, you will have something that is brilliant and worth your while!

VOLUME 4-01 DAILY FLASH-Jack of Diamonds/02 DAMON-Oh What A Good Boy I Am/03 DANNY & THE COUNTS-Ode to the Wind/04 DANNY & JERRY-We'v Got a Groovy Thing Going/05 DANNY BURKE-Ain't Goin' Nowhere/06 DANNY WARNER-Go 'Way Little Girl/07 DANNY'S REASONS-With One Eye Closed/08 DAVE MEYERS EFFECT-Nocho's Theme/09 DAVID-I'm Not Alone/10 DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS & THE SHAYS-Take Me back/11
DAYTRIPPERS-Where We Belong/12 DEEJAYS-Whatchca Tryin To Do/13 DEEP SET-Livin' It Down/14 DELICATE BALANCE-The Night Is Almost Good/15 DENONES-High Ho Silver/16 DERBY-HATVILLE-You'll Forget Me/17 DESCENDENTS-Lela/18 DETROIT RIOTS-A Fast Way to Die/19 DICK ST JOHN-You Know What I Mean/20 DICKY TREADWAY-One to Ten/21 DIFFERENT PARTS-Why/22 DIMENSIONS-She's My Girl/23 DISTANT COUSINS-Stop Running Round Baby/24 DISTURBERS-Free and Easy/25 DONNY B WAUGH-You Better Believe It/26 DONNYBROOKS-You're Gonna Cry/27 DORIANS-Help For My Waiting/28 DOWN CHILDREN-I
Can Tell/29 DOWLOADERS SECT-Glendora/30 DRAG SET-Day and Night/31 DRIVING WHEELS-Don't Be Bad/32 DRIVING WHEELS-She's Got Me Running/33 DUKES-I'm an Unskilled Worker/34 DYNAMIC DISCHORDS- Passageway to Your Heart/32 DYNASTY-I've Gotta Shout