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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fabio with another submission!

Fabio with another obscure-o, at least to me, this one is from Dope Default, an EP entitled "Tales From
the Wasteland".........again unfamiliar with this, so searching for info I shall go........

here's a bit:
Greek riffmeisters Dope Default tweaked a few ears back in August 2015 when the Thessaloniki based band released their debut EP "Nuclear Honeymoon" an eclectic mix of hard rock crunch and grunge tinted stoner fuzz,.Fast forward a year and a few months and with a subtle change in musicalDIRECTION Dope Default return with a brand 
new EP " Tales From The Wasteland".

TALES FROM THE WASTELAND-01 Atonement/02 Law of Blood/03 Insexicatiaon/04 Cold Train/05 Nuclear Honeymoon/06 Preacher

Good disc, this one is (scott)

 Dope Default - Tales from the Wasteland (EP) (2...

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