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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Atomic Workers

Ok, smart guys, who has the rest of THESE guys' albums? All I have is album #3 ("Third
Disaster")....this is some pretty good wah-wah drenched 2009 German stoner rock, quite a solid album, but as I said, their third, so at least a couple more exist......this one was sitting on the "a" shelf, I couldn't remember shit about it, but upon listening, wow, it's really rocking, sometimes to the point of even reminding me of someone like Datura (and you know they are one of my faves) or Arc Of Ascent.

Pretty good one here, read up, listen up, but PLEASE if you can hook me up with their other albums, that would be fucking fantastic, this is  band I'd like to hear more that last track "Kap-e-Tone" gets pretty chaotic!

THIRD DISASTER-01 Secret Way to the Valley/02 Third Disaster/03 You/04 Chaos on the Breeze/05 Lost Pleasure/06 Here's Where I Belong/07 Home/08 Breakdown/09 Kap-e-Tone

Atomic Workers’ Third Disaster is astonishing. A true Unidentified Sonic Object. A spaceship, a time capsule coming from the past depths of hard rock planet such as from the future kingdoms of the so called post-rock. The space-rock, garage, psychedelic groove expands itself here as an overwhelming attitude instead of lying just as a mere gender label. As a result of a flexible and ductile line-up, that provides richness in sounds and harmonies, with keyboards, strings, electronic machines on the huge guitars floors, the music stream, along with touching lyrics, traces a unique and atmospheric organism, track by track. In the end, Atomic Workers sound far more than a simple band: not properly a superband, nor just an individual creativenesses addition, rather a confident collective aimed to multiply its creativeness, thanks to the accurate and powerful sound engineering too. The symphonic ambition of this third album is fully justified by the olistic vision of the music work. Excellent.
Enzo Mansueto


released April 14, 2009

L. O'Toole, voice, guitar
F. Mongelli, guitar, vocals
D. Sindaco, guitar, vocals
D. Mocci, drums, vocals
M. Rossiello, bass, vocals 



  2. I Really dig this one! I think the band members are italians xcept 1.