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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sex Museum

Here is a 1987 release from the Spanish band Sex Museum.......actually, it's pretty good, some farfisa-organ
driven garage/psych, Nugget-rock done up 1987 style. Some vocals are in espanol, some in that good ol' English......really pretty good for what it is, with some timely covers ("See See Rider", "Psycho")......this album is a pretty good time, see what ya think is about all I can ever say!

FUZZ FACE-01 Big Cock/02 Sweet Home/03 Ya Es Tarde/04 Sexual Beast/05 Psycho/06 I'm Alone/07 All I Really Want/08 See See Rider/09 Motorbikin'/10 Booboo's Theme/11 Drugged Personality

As far as I can tell, this is their only releawse, only one I have on my shelves for certain.....not much info available, but if you like, say, The Miracle Workers, this might merit a few minutes of your time.



  2. Thank you for this Scott. I have not hear of them before but I'm diggin' it right now. Good call on the miracle Workers comparison.

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  4. They've got some 15 álbum a un their 30 year career, still going strong. Great band, thanks for sharing.