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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Shocking Blue

Certainly you are familiar with their huge single, "Venus"....(remember? everyone thought she was saying "I'm  your penis").......ok, that song has been played out to the point of comedy, but here's the rub......a two disc, 50 track set of their "best" is damned good.......late 60's Dutch psych-pop, crispy clean in sound, good songs, strong female vocals.......actually, as I haven't listened to this in several years, I'm a bit surprised that they are basically remembered (Stateside at least) for "I'm Your Penis", as a lot of these songs sound like they should have been sure fire hit singles during the era when pop-psych could easilly get you some good chart numbers......GOOD songs here, such as "Hot Sand", "Wild Wind", "Boll Weevil" (the one the White Stripes overhauled)......give this a listen, at two discs/50 tracks, it is a bit excessive, but I predict you will find some worthwhile gems on this one........and you can still crack a smile when you hear "I'm Your Penis"........anyway, this is really good......I hadn't heard it in a while, as I aid, and intended to post it as kind of a lark, but really, it is worth hearing, and I don't think it turns up too often.......give it a test drive, it's good.

DISC 1-01 Love Is In the Air/02 What's Wrong Bertha/03 Beggerman/04 Where My baby's Gone/05 Send Me a Postcard/06 Harley Davidson/07 Fireball of Love/08 Mighty Joe/09 Hot Sand/10 Wild Wind/11 Boll Weevil/12 Love Machine/13 I'm a Woman/14 Venus/15 California here I Come/16 Long and Lonesome Road/17 Love Buzz/18 The Butterfly and I/19 Alaska Country/20 Little Cooling Planet/21 Keep It If You Want It/22 Shocking You/23 Blossom Lady/24 I'll Follow the Sun/25 Shadows

DISC 2-01 Who Save My Soul/02 The Queen/03 I Melt Like Butter/04 Eve and the Apple/05 A Waste of Time/06 The Devil and the Angel/07 I Build My World Around You/08 Dream On Dreamer/09 So Far From Home/10 Get it On/11 Good Times/12 Morning Sun/13 Loving Girl/14 Beggin/15 This America/16 Ball of Confusion/17 Mississippi Delta/18 I Won't Be Lonely/19 Come My Way/20 Gonna Sing Me a Song/21 Too Young (Mariska Veres)/22 Acka Raga/23 Poor Boy/24 Roll Engine Roll/25 When I Was a Girl

Once in a while a record sounds nothing at all like it did years ago, if you know what I mean......I was seriously going to post this as a semi-joke, as I said before.......nope, too good for that, especially Disc 1.......some good shit here, that's the great thing, we just never know.......we just find stuff!


  1. d2


  2. Any more info on this release? Name? Label? Release date? I can't ID it. Thanks for the share.

  3. "The best of shocking blue"......sorry no label or release date, I'm sure I downloaded it years ago

  4. Scott, thanks. I had already looked all over for a 2 CD set with the same tracks... with no success. No doubt it exists but not shown at Amazon or Discogs. Appreciate the shares.

  5. Great band, "Send Me A Postcard" is an instant pop classic ... covered live by New Pornographers.

  6. Damn! When i got it none of the info came up.
    Unknown track 01
    unknown track 02

    That is a nightmare of work for anyone that really cares, please do better next time. Thanx

    1. Eric, tough shit, find a site more suited to your needs, I'm not about to start doing MORE work on this thing